Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oracle Reports

Development Steps:
Step by step i am describing how to register a report in Oracle Apps.
1. Develop the report in Reportbuilder.
Note :- Whenever saving the report in your local machine pls be
careful not to give '.RDF' but to give '.rdf' '.RDf' will make error
while you are running the report in Apps.
2. FTP the rdf file from your local machine to corresponding TOP or custom_TOP
3. Register the report in executable
a) Login to Apps -> System Administrator/Application Developer - > Concurrent : Program/Concurrent -> Executable ->Execution File Name :- Same name as rdf fileShort Name :- This name will refer to Program
4. Register the report in Program
5. Assign the Program Name to required request group.
Now the report is ready to run.

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