Monday, July 22, 2013

Shell script in Oracle Applications

How to create Shell Scripts in Oracle Applications

This shell scripts has default first 4 parameters are

1) Logon 
2) Requester ID
3) Requester
4) Request_id

From the 5th parameters on words we read the real parameters we pass from concurrent program

Write a shell script and save as XXXXX.prog file and give 777 permissions

## Call from fndcpesr
## Env info
# These are the parameter we read from concurrent program 
## Custom mode parameter (Overwrites everytime)
echo "Logon            = $logon"
echo "Requestor ID     = $requestor_id"
echo "Requestor        = $requestor"
echo "Request ID       = $req_id"
echo "param1           = $param1"
echo "param2           = $param2"
echo "Completed successfully"

Then Move this file to Custom to Bin Directory

Then create simbolic for that shell script

ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr XXXXX

 Then create Executable with host as executable
Then create Concurrent program 
Then assign this concurrent program to Request group and run the program

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