Wednesday, May 7, 2014

XMM publisher RTF file location in server in oracle Applications

You can get the information about all xml publihser details in tables starts with XDO%.

select * from XDO_TEMPLATES_B        where template_code    = :p_template_code
select * from XDO_TEMPLATES_TL       where template_code    = :p_template_code
select * from XDO_LOBS               where lob_code         = :p_template_code
select * from XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_TL  where data_source_code = :p_template_code
select * from XDO_DS_DEFINITIONS_B   where data_source_code = :p_template_code

XMl publisher template rtf files stored in XDO_LOBS tables in File_data column.

select * from XDO_LOBS

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