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how to make a form query only in oracle apps or oracle applications

Hi Everyone,                              This is one of the common requirement.They are many ways of doing this like form personalization ,Cutom.pll and others ..the easiest way to do it is by passing the parameter QUERY_ONLY="YES"  while creation Form Function.

But it doesn't gurantee all the forms will behave as expected because the form should be coded to make it work for this..not all standard forms have this..In HRMS Forms case there is another concept called task flow by which we can make the form read only.Steps:1.Check the form which need ot be made as query only.2.Go to the menu to which it is attached and the get the user function name of the form3.query the function from application developer(resp)-->application-->function

How to make a Oracle form 'Query Only'

There are many ways in which we can make a form Query only. We are going to discuss two
1) Using parameter QUERY_ONLY=YES
2) using Form Personalization
Method 1: Using parameter QUERY_ONLY=YES
Lets take an example of Purchase order enter form

Step 1) Using Sysadmin Responsibility find out the Menu attached to Purchasing Super User responsibility for which you want to make Purchase Order form as read only.

Step 2) Now Navigate to Application>Menu and query for this form and find out the form function associate with enter purchase order form. In our case it is "Purchase Orders"

Step 3) Create a new form function name having logically similar name as that of original function and in the form tab make QUERY_ONLY=YES

Step 4) Attach this new function in the place of old function to the same menu

Save and let Compile Security Request complete

Test ResultNavigate to Purchasing Super User> Purchase Order

See now this form is read only

Method 2 : Using Form Personalization

Step 1) Navigate to PO form>Help>Diagnostic>custom Code>Personalize

Step 2) Now here you can disable Update, Delete and Insert

Test Case : Check PO form now

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