Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Applied Receipts to Transactions query in Receivables of Oracle Applications

SELECT rct.trx_number, acr.receipt_number, acr.receipt_date, acr.deposit_date,
       acr.receipt_method_id, ara.amount_applied, ara.gl_date, ara.apply_date,
       ara.application_type, ara.status, acr.status,
       ca.account_number customer_number, hp.party_name, acr.*
  FROM ar_receivable_applications_all ara,
       ar_cash_receipts_all acr,
       ra_customer_trx_all rct,
       apps.hz_cust_accounts_all ca,
       apps.hz_parties hp
 WHERE ara.cash_receipt_id = acr.cash_receipt_id
--   AND acr.status = 'APP'
--   AND ara.status = 'APP'
   AND ara.applied_customer_trx_id = rct.customer_trx_id
   AND acr.receipt_number = '730'
   AND rct.trx_number = '105593'
   AND acr.pay_from_customer = ca.cust_account_id
   AND hp.party_id = ca.party_id;

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