Thursday, March 10, 2016

Auto Invoice Lines Interface Attributes Mapping in Oracle Applications Receivables

Auto Invoice: Transaction Flexfield
Why set up is important for transaction flex field in autoinvoice? Does my Autoinvoice get failed if I would not do set up or not passing information for Transaction flex field? Yes, You can't. The way the auto invoicing works is designed it worked to Uniquely identify for each transaction.

Then what are those Transaction Flex Fields?

Transaction flexfields are descriptive flexfields that AutoInvoice uses to identify transactions and transaction lines. Oracle Receivables lets you determine how you want to build your transaction flexfield structure and what information you want to capture. There are four types of transaction flexfields:

Line Transaction Flexfield
Reference Transaction Flexfield
Link-To Transaction Flexfield
Invoice Transaction Flexfield
The key point is the Line Transaction Flexfield must be defined if AutoInvoice is being used. The Line Transaction Flexfield can be used to reference and link to other lines because the Line Transaction Flexfield is unique for each transaction line. AutoInvoice always uses the Line Transaction Flexfield structure for both the Link-to and Reference information when importing invoices. It is only necessary to explicitly define the Link-to, Reference, and Invoice Transaction Flexfield structures if this information is to be displayed on a custom window.

You must define both the line-level and header-level Transaction Flexfield. To define the line-level Transaction Flexfield, query 'Line Transaction Flexfield' in the Title field of the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window and enter the context and segments associated with this Transaction Flexfield. To define the Transaction Flexfield at the header-level, query 'Invoice Transaction Flexfield' and enter the context and segments associated with this Transaction Flexfield. All segments in the line level transaction flexfield that refer to header information must also exist in the header level transaction flexfield. For example if you define a line-level Transaction Flexfield with 4 segments and only the last 2 segments refer to line-level information, define the header Transaction Flexfield using the first two segments.

Where to setup
AR gives you the option of using QuickPicks to display reference information for imported invoices. You can use the System Profile Option AR: Transaction Flexfield QuickPick to select the Transaction Flexfield Segment you want to display in Invoice QuickPicks throughout Oracle Receivables.



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