Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Debug OAF Pages When It's Going Into Error in oracle Applications

How To Debug OAF Pages When It's Going Into Error:

Debug OAF page errors, view oaf diagnostics on errored page

Many a times we come across situations where the page goes into error leaving us clueless. When the page goes into tricky errors like null pointer exception e.t.c it doesn't show up the diagnostics messages on the page. In such scenarios, it becomes very tough to find out the root cause of the error.

So, is there any was we can still see the diagnostic messages we had put on the code for debugging purpose? 

The answer is, YES there is a very simple way to see the diagnostic messages even if the page goes into error.

All you have to do is, enable following 4 profile options and set their values as per the instructions provided:
Make sure to set the values of these profile options at the user level.

FND: Debug Log Enabled = Yes
FND: Debug Log Filename for Middle-Tier = NULL (Leave The field BLANK)
FND: Debug Log Level = Statement
FND: Debug Log Module = ICX% (Set the short name of the module you wish to debug)

Once you have updated the profile options ensure to bounce apache.

After the server is bounced replicate the issue in the OAF page and execute the following query in respective database using  SQL developer:

WHERE user_id = 
ORDER BY log_sequence DESC;

Note: Replace  with your FND User id using which you are logging to the application(front End)>

The above query will return diagnostics messages which you had put in your code.

When you are done with the debugging ensure to reset the profile options.

This is the simplest way to see the diagnostic messages when an OAF page goes into error.

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