Monday, March 20, 2017

Payment Method Preference for Supplier Query in Oracle Payments

SELECT sup.vendor_name, assa.vendor_site_code, ieppm.payment_method_code,

iepa.remit_advice_delivery_method, iepa.remit_advice_email,


FROM apps.ap_supplier_sites_all assa,

apps.ap_suppliers sup,

apps.iby_external_payees_all iepa,

apps.iby_ext_party_pmt_mthds ieppm,

apps.hr_operating_units op

WHERE sup.vendor_id = assa.vendor_id

AND assa.pay_site_flag = 'Y'

AND assa.vendor_site_id = iepa.supplier_site_id

AND iepa.ext_payee_id = ieppm.ext_pmt_party_id

AND ((ieppm.inactive_date IS NULL) OR (ieppm.inactive_date > SYSDATE))

-- AND assa.vendor_site_id = :p_vendor_site_id

AND ieppm.primary_flag = 'Y'

AND assa.org_id = op.organization_id

AND op.business_group_id = 0

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