Sunday, July 2, 2017

GL Period Status Query in Oracle Application

SELECT   sob.NAME "Set of Books", fnd.product_code "Product Code",
         ps.period_name "Period Name", ps.start_date "Period Start Date",
         ps.end_date "Period End Date",
         DECODE (ps.closing_status,
                 'O', 'O - Open',
                 'N', 'N - Never Opened',
                 'F', 'F - Future Enterable',
                 'C', 'C - Closed',
                ) "Period Status"
    FROM gl_period_statuses ps, gl_sets_of_books sob, fnd_application_vl fnd
   WHERE ps.application_id IN (101, 201)                            -- GL & PO
     AND sob.set_of_books_id = ps.set_of_books_id
     AND fnd.application_id = ps.application_id
     AND ps.adjustment_period_flag = 'N'
     AND (:p_date BETWEEN TRUNC (ps.start_date) AND TRUNC (ps.end_date))
ORDER BY ps.set_of_books_id, fnd.product_code, ps.start_date;

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