Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oracle Alerts

Notify when SO is booked or new line is entered on booked order

Based on a request from one of our reader, below are the steps on how to notify users when an order is booked or new line is inserted on a booked order.

The Alert below will send notification once a day in the morning at 8:00 am.

1) Define Alert

Query used is
SELECT ooh.order_number
    , ool.line_number||'.'||ool.shipment_number line_number
    , ordered_item, ordered_quantity, ool.flow_Status_code
INTO &order_num, &line_num,&Item_num, &Quantity, &line_Status
FROM oe_order_headers_all ooh, oe_order_lines_all ool
WHERE ooh.header_id = ool.header_id
( ooh.booked_date >= to_date(Sysdate,'DD-MON-RRRR HH24:MI:SS')
 OR (ool.creation_Date >= to_date(Sysdate,'DD-MON-RRRR HH24:MI:SS')
   AND ool.creation_date > ooh.booked_date)

2) Define Actions
Click on the actions button and then actions Detail button and define message as shown in screenshot. Note that the message type is summary.

3) Define Action Sets
Click on action sets and then action set details and in the members tab enter the action defined in step 2

4) Schedule the Request
Navigate to Request --> Check and submit the alert. Based on the definition of alert it will be scheduled to run.

Kindly let me know if any questions.

Introduction to Oracle Alerts
Oracle Alerts is something that can be used to Notify/Alert to one or multiple persons about an activity or change that occurs in the system. The alerts can also be used to call a procedure, run some sql script etc.
There are 2 types of alert
1) Periodic Alert
2) Event Alert

Periodic Alerts:
These alerts are trigger periodically, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly etc based upon how it is setup to be triggered. When alert runs and the condition(SQL Query etc.) in the alerts fetches record, then the events specified in the alert are triggered.
Ex. 1) Daily alert to send notification on the sales order on which credit check hold is applied for a day
2) Hourly alert to send notification on all the concurrent request that completed with error

Event Alerts:
These Alerts are fired/triggered based on some change in data in the database. This is very similar to the triggers written on the table. Unlikely, event alerts can only fire on After Insert or After Update.
Ex. 1) An alert that sends notification when new item is created.

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