Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Register shell script in Oracle Applications

Basics for people like me who are poor in unix…and not confident in doing shell scripting..:)
we dont need to develop huge scripts in apps..most of the times it will be moving files between servers or deleting files after completion…
Recently I developed a few scripts for moving files after program completion like output to some other folder…

$1 connect String
$2 Userid
$4 Concurrent request id

Create a shell script .If the shell script is supposed to get values from the concurrent program parameters defined ,they can be accessed using $5,$6 onwards

Step2:Create a executable in application
With execution method as host

Step3:Create the concurrent program for this executable

Step 4:Attach the Program to a request group
Step5:Now move the shell script to the bin folder for the corresponding application top of the executable..make sure that file type is .prog not .sh
For example : General ledger application executable.. then GL_TOP/bin

Step6:Change the permission on the file..
Chmod 775 file if it doesn’t work chmod 777 XX_TEST.prog

Step7: Create a soft link between the shell the shell script and the concurrent manager

ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr XX_TEST

Step7:Run the concurrent program

One more thing if you want the message to seen for debugging it can be done using
Echo command….

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