Monday, December 1, 2014

Issue with firePartialAction triggering an LOV event

Hi All,

I have a issue where in a LOV validation in the detail table is triggered when an event related to a MessageTextInput box is fired.

In this particular, I was not able to trace any action in the ProcessFormRequest so there is no question of handling it in the PFR, as I was looking for the solution I found that once a PAGE is loaded and when a action is performed on the page, first the page will look for validation errors, these are default ones, in my case.. there is a default value that is supposed to be populated in the LOV and the query behind the LOV would need more parameters than the one supplied in the header table.

Also, I cannot include the defaulted value in the query (I am aware of the UNION). So this is the ultimate fix that I have found so far..

     OAMessageLovInputBean HcpcsCodeItemBean = (OAMessageLovInputBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("HcpcsCodeItem1");

this code is used in the ProcessRequest to offset the validation.

       OAMessageLovInputBean HcpcsCodeItemBean = (OAMessageLovInputBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("HcpcsCodeItem1");

this code is used in the ProcessFormRequest to setback the validation property once any action on the page is done.

The only set back for this method is that when I navigate from this page further into the flow and try to come back to this page using a BACK button, the validation would be turned off and the user might directly go to that particular object without touching any other object.

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