Monday, July 17, 2017

How to find the process sid from concurrent request id in Oracle Applications or Oracle EBS

/* Formatted on 2017/07/17 16:22 (Formatter Plus v4.8.8) */
SELECT d.username,d.status, d.MACHINE, a.request_id, d.SID, d.serial#, d.osuser, d.process, c.spid, d.inst_id
  FROM apps.fnd_concurrent_requests a,
       apps.fnd_concurrent_processes b,
       gv$process c,
       gv$session d
 WHERE a.controlling_manager = b.concurrent_process_id
   AND = b.oracle_process_id
   AND b.session_id = d.audsid
   AND a.request_id = 95410755  
   AND a.phase_code = 'R';

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