Tuesday, July 11, 2017

OAF Standard Page Debugging Process

Enable Profile option at user level

FND: Debug Log Enabled = Yes
FND: Debug Log Filename for Middle-Tier = NULL (Leave The field BLANK)
FND: Debug Log Level = Statement
FND: Debug Log Module = ICX% (Set the short name of the module you wish to debug

Run the page and see the data in table by below query.

    FROM fnd_log_messages
   WHERE user_id = :p_user_id AND TIMESTAMP > SYSDATE - .3
ORDER BY log_sequence DESC;

Another option you can see the log messages on the screen also:
In the Home page Diagnostics -> Show log or Set Trace Level or Show log on screen or Show Pool Monitor.

If you select Show Log on Screen  and select the Log Level then it will show on screen only.

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